1.8M autonomous underwrites. Zero repurchases.

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Candor is real AI. I was skeptical, so I tested complex scenarios and Candor delivered as promised. The machine actually found something I had missed. It's so much more than basic calculations. They have replicated the abilities of an underwriter.

- Shane Osborne, Underwriting and Corporate Efficiency Director

Hallmark Mortgage

Our underwriters can touch 10-12 files every day. I anticipate that number to grow.

- Travis Rulle, COO

FBC Mortgage

Candor is our secret to success in this market cycle. We've cut our cycle time in half, and I don't have to worry about the integrity of the underwrite so we're not sacrificing quality for speed.

- Kenny Parkhurst, Chief Operating Officer

Get A Rate Mortgage

The MetaScore™ provides insight into loan and data quality which gives our investors a higher level of certainty. That loan quality diagnostic, combined with the permanent database for access to all the data and information used in the lending decsion levels up our demonstrated quality.

- Vinay Miglani, SVP Capital Markets

FBC Mortgage

We're honored to be recognized by the industry.


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