Candor thinks & works like an underwriter.

Candor is the only dynamic underwriting engine that automates a loan-specific underwrite.

Underwrites since August 2020:


The test: 5 months, 3 clients, 125,000+ units.

The results: 18.7 day cycle time reduction. 27.2% pull through lift.

A Machine as an Underwriter

Every loan has a 100% unique combination of 1003 + supporting data.

That’s why no two start in the same state, and no two can follow the same process to determine approval.

Underwriting is unpredictable.

When new data & information refute previous conclusions, underwriters must pivot, and find a new solution in real time.

That's why task automation, calculating, organizing & digitizing data don't eliminate the underwriting bottleneck. Those solutions can't pivot.

Our CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology solves complex, fast changing underwriting challenges in real time.

Our patent-pending CogniTech models how underwriters think.

Dynamic & Adaptive Underwriting

CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology makes Candor dynamically adaptive.

Candor conducts thousands of data cross checks to validate and corroborate 1003, third party & OCR data.

This ensures underwriting accuracy and integrity.

Along the way, Candor issues & clears dynamic conditions, and makes a decision to lend.

Underwriting quality is backed by a defect policy.

Candor is accessed in the LOS, and underwrites with one click.

Seamless workflow integration. Extensive system training is not required.

Ease of use and intuitive conditions ensure widespread adoption.