Candor thinks & works like an underwriter.

The only dynamic underwriting engine that automates the unpredictable mortgage manufacturing process.

Underwrites since August 2020:


The test: 5 months, 3 clients, 125,000+ units.

The results: 18.7 day cycle time reduction. 27.2% pull through lift.

A Machine as an Underwriter

Every loan has a 100% unique combination of 1003 + supporting data.

That’s why no two start in the same state, and no two can follow the same process to determine approval.

Underwriting is unpredictable.

When new data & information refute previous conclusions, underwriters must pivot, and find a new solution in real time.

That's why task automation, calculating, organizing & digitizing data can't eliminate the bottleneck. Those solutions are rigid, and can't pivot.

Our CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology solves complex, fast changing underwriting challenges in real time.

Our patent-pending CogniTech models how underwriters think.

Dynamic & Adaptive Underwriting

CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology makes Candor dynamically adaptive.

Candor conducts thousands of data cross checks to validate and corroborate 1003, third party & OCR data.

This ensures underwriting accuracy and integrity.

Along the way, Candor issues & clears dynamic conditions, and makes a decision to lend.

Underwriting quality is backed by a defect policy.