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Decision Sciences

for mortgage lending



Hands Off Underwrites. Zero Repurchase Requests

Underwriting Decision Science™

Our Loan Engineering System contains ~40,000 pivot points that solve complex problems.

Candor automates intellect.

Using Pivot Points, our Loan Engineering System makes dynamic, real time decisions that replicate human expertise, intuition and experience.

This granular Decision Science technology provides unwavering consistency and treats every borrower the same.

This intellect automation creates the velocity required to achieve true scale.

You can be in production in 30 days.

Improve productivity. Optimize workforce. Innovate processes.

One click from your LOS:

  • Get borrower surety in one day
  • Make underwriting decisions
  • Conduct a forensic review during underwriting
  • Eliminate defects before they can happen
  • Remove copious amounts of labor
  • Reduce cycle time by ~20 days
  • Enable 1 underwriter touch on 70% of loans
  • Guarantee quality with a defect policy
  • All actions & loan data saved to a Quantum Ledger Database

    Earn the highest ROI and per loan profit

    Be up and running in 30 days

  • Complete a full-file risk assessment with just one click from your LOS.

    Seamless workflow integration. Extensive system training is not required.

    Dynamic & Adaptive Underwriting

    CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology makes Candor dynamically adaptive.

    Candor conducts thousands of data cross checks to validate and corroborate 1003, third party & OCR data.

    This ensures underwriting decision accuracy and integrity.

    Along the way, Candor issues conditions, and automatically clears 38% before making a decision to lend.

    Underwriting quality is backed by a defect policy.

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