The magic of Candor is

Mortgage Decision Sciences Technology™

Powered by CogniTech™ Expert System Technology

More powerful, capable, and reliable than static AI solutions, only Expert System Technology can make a machine think.

AI robots and AI machine learning are static, made for repetitive tasks. That's why they cannot conduct dynamic underwriting work and render confident, warranted decisions.

Our proprietary CogniTech has taught underwriter thinking and dynamic decisioning skills to a machine. And, it was hard.

Years in the making, CogniTech consumed 270,000 hours to harvest and code 3,240,000 collective hours of underwriting and loan processing expertise.

CogniTech uses a 42,792 pivot point architecture to make decisions at the most granular level - just like the best and brightest underwriters do. And, the number of pivot points grows monthly.

This is how CogniTech can apply the critical thinking skills of an underwriter to handle the complex, unpredictable, dynamic and adaptive nature of modern underwriting and loan processing.

Don't settle for static AI solutions that can't do the heavy lifting.

Candor's Loan Engineering System powered by CogniTech:

Your secret weapon to fast & flawless high profit loans.