Stop competitors from

Eating. Your. Lunch.

Our Loan Engineering System™ is the only solution that conducts a complete and accurate credit risk assessment - with one click.

Underwriter tested. Underwriter preferred.


Only Candor can do what Candor does.

Using principles from NASA aerospace technology, we've built an unrivaled mortgage loan manufacturing machine with expert decision making capabilities.

  • LOS integration for no hassle access

  • AUS ingestion to incorporate exceptions

  • OCR data extraction

  • Complete initial underwrite for same day borrower surety

  • Guideline eligibility assessment

  • Issue & clear dynamic conditions

  • Calculate W2 & Self Employed income

  • Data validation & verification

  • Metascore for confidence in strength of underwrite

  • All data saved to permanent Blockchain type database

  • Only our Loan Engineering System can make confident decisions - a key differentiator.

    Making decisions is how Candor clients get to a 1 Underwriter touch on 70% of loans.

    Millions of flawless underwrites with no put backs is why Underwriters are confident in Candor.

    Curious about what's under the hood? Click the CogniTech™ button.

    Why exactly do

    Underwriters prefer Candor?

    Our Loan Engineering System make underwriting fast and flawless.

    With Candor, the majority of the work is conducted by LOs or the Processing team, including a full initial underwrite complete with borrower requirements.

    This is how our clients get same day borrower surety and a 1 underwriter touch loan on 70% of loans.

    On every click, the Loan Engineering System identifies and resolves defects enabling Processors to produce a fully, perfectly underwritten file to submit to the Underwriter.

    A flawless initial underwrite and credit risk assessment

    makes Underwriters bulletproof.