Stop competitors from

Eating. Your. Lunch.

The only Loan Engineering System

Authentic Expert System Technology.

Candor automates the impossible: Instinct

If underwriting was simply income calculation and “stare & compare” work there would be no need for underwriters.

Guideline eligibility assessment is black & white.

The risk lies in the gray area.

Just like an expert underwriter, Candor proactively roots out the mismatches, inconsistencies, and missing information that cause costly repurchases or scratch and dent loans.

Only Candor backs decisions with a warranty.

Candor is absolutely the only solution able to

replicate underwriter instinct and expertise.

Candor autonomously conducts extensive loan data analysis then makes

instant, complex underwriting decisions with no human review or assist.

Current LOS integrations

No new system to learn or passwords to remember.


Hypervelocity: The key to profit, margin, and smooth scale

Imagine a complete, end to end underwrite everytime new data or information is added to the loan - all in just 90 seconds.

Candor eliminates queuing, which our clients attribute to shaving 14 - 19 days from cycle time. That slashes cost to produce and creates capacity for additional volume.

Use our ROI Calculator to determine what Candor can do for your bottom line.

Underwrite at the Point of Sale

With Candor, you can produce a fully underwritten conditional approval at POS with no underwriter involvement. That's a distinct advantage for you and your consumers.

When you underwrite at POS you reduce fall out at the most critical touchpoint. Obtaining surety early in the process engages the consumer and creates stickiness.

Another advantage is the ability to determine if the consumer can not meet guidelines requirements before absorbing valuable underwriting time.

Why do Underwriters prefer Candor?

Because Candor makes underwriters bulletproof.

Candor produces and returns Conditions, an Income Verification Worksheet and an outline of Documents Read.

Coupled with warranted decisions and the MetaScore™ your entire team has complete transparency and confidence in the process.