How can we help lenders create a scalable, future-proof infrastructure?

Several years ago we challenged ourselves to solve the industry's toughest problems:

  • Margin Erosion
  • Unreliable Loan Quality
  • Staff Levels Dictate Volume
  • Inconsistent Consumer Experience
  • Automating intellect was the solution.

    Only our authentic Expert System Technology can address these issues.

    If we learned anything in 2020, it's that basic "stare & compare" income calculation, and task automation can't replace the need for people. It's the reliance on expertise that prevented sweeping scale.

    Only a very special type of Autonomous Intelligence, known as Expert System Technology, can replicate the thinking & decision making ability of a human expert and make complex decisions with no human assist.

    Expert Systems are used in the Aerospace & Medical fields and are designed to solve complex problems by reasoning through bodies of knowledge. Now, the mortgage industry can benefit from the same level of precision.

    We're so confident in our technology, Candor decisions are backed by a warranty.

    No other technology can do what Candor Can Do.