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July 15, 2022
MPA Article: Candor Technology secures Patent
September 21, 2022

Candor Technology Wins Patent for Cutting-Edge Underwriting Technology

Candor’s CogniTechTM Expert System brings quality, speed and repurchase risk mitigation to mortgage lenders

ATLANTA; September 9, 2022 — Candor Technology announced today that it has been granted a U.S. Patent for its CogniTechTM Expert System Technology which successfully models an underwriter and forensic auditor’s critical thinking.

Using Candor’s Loan Engineering System (LES), Candor clients have reported increased underwriter productivity by 400%, decrease turn-time by at least 10 days and increase pull-through by 15%.  With this data, Candor estimates the reduction in repurchase exposure goes from 12bps to 1bps with the use of Candor’s technology.

Candor’s patented technology operates as an unbiased data matching and validation system. The system conducts a consistent underwriting of a loan or other financial asset, leveraging its access to and ability to interpret and compare data from multiple sources that lead to the quality underwriting of a loan. Candor’s technology doesn’t operate in the shadows of a black box, but rather creates a transparent and auditable underwriting trail that is preserved in a permanent, immutable, quantum ledger database.

The patent further solidifies Candor’s mission to conduct autonomous, extensive loan data analysis using expert systems technology and then leverage that analysis to make complex underwriting decisions and clear conditions leaving the underwriter to be able to focus on more difficult tasks. To date, Candor’s Loan Engineering System has conducted more than 1.8 million underwrites for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders with zero repurchases.

“At Candor we strive to create best-in-class technology to benefit the consumer, the lender and the mortgage investor,” said Candor CEO Tom Showalter. “Receiving this patent on the technology we have spent years perfecting is tremendously rewarding, as it propels us forward in our goal to break down barriers to homeownership by bringing greater ease and efficiency to the mortgage loan process.”


Candor Technology’s Loan Engineering System is in a category all its own: Mortgage Decision Sciences Technology. The one-of-a-kind technology automates the costliest and most time-consuming portion of origination: the credit & information risk assessment conducted by underwriters. With the power to automate the intellect and judgement required to make underwriting decisions, lenders can consistently originate high quality, high margin mortgage loans; without bias. With Candor Technology, lenders get the velocity to scale to meet any market cycle demand with no change in personnel. Calculate Candor ROI here.


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