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Candor: The Underwriter’s Secret Weapon

Our Loan Engineering System™ determines guideline eligibility and conducts credit & information risk assessment.

The loan manufacturing machine ensures every data element across the borrower URLA, guidelines, and supporting data & documents are in perfect alignment, and are validated, and verified. AUS reps & warrants are incorporated.

Only Candor can autonomously:

  • OCR documents
  • Calculate income, including self employed
  • Identify and resolve data & information mismatches
  • Issue directional Conditions, and then clear 38% of them
  • Stand behind our decisions with a defect policy on all qualifying loans
  • Publish a MetaScore that indicates the overall strength of the underwrite

    All in a single platform accessible from the LOS.

  • >1,100 painstaking corroborations per click

    Only Candor can automate extensive, nuanced crosschecks across a vast and complex set of always changing data.

    The smart corroborations mirror those conducted by seasoned underwriters. Except, these crosschecks are conducted in seconds, not weeks.


    A 42,792 pivot point architecture makes risk mitigation fast & flawless

    Does it make sense? Candor's is the only solution that can answer that question without human assist.

    Under the hood of our Loan Engineering System is a 42,792 pivot point architecture that thinks through defect identification and resolution at the most granular level - just like the best and brightest underwriters do. And, that architecture grows monthly.

    These pivot points represent 3,240,000 hours of underwriting and loan processing expertise.

    Ours is the only Expert System in the industry, and the only solution that can flawlessly handle the complex, unpredictable, dynamic and adaptive nature of modern underwriting and loan processing.

    Our Loan Engineering System makes underwriting bulletproof

    And, the industry has taken notice. During our first year in production we conducted more then 1.3M autonomous underwrites, signed more than 50 clients, and have been recognized with numerous awards.

    Implementing Candor is a no brainer decision.

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