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Award Winning Autonomous Intelligence

Top Mortgage Lenders Use Candor

Your competitors may already use Candor's Loan Engineering System

to manufacture high quality, profitable loans whiplash fast.

Fast & Flawless Automation

Our authentic Expert System AI has powered >2.0M flawless, hands off underwrites.

With Candor, you automate both tasks and expert underwriter intellect to move seamlessly and profitably between market cycles.

Every credit risk decision Candor makes is backed by a Warranty, eliminating repurchase worries.

And, for complete transparency, the entire history of the underwrite, including underlying metadata, is saved to a permanent, immutable, quantum ledger database.

Eliminate Market Cycle Shock

Why allow the market cycle to dictate profits? With Candor, you can build an infrastructure that’s immune to margin, capacity, and staffing challenges. Forever.

Candor enables frictionless scale to match seasonal or market cycle demand with no change in staff.

Contact us today, and you can have a modern, SOC 2 compliant, automated loan manufacturing infrastructure in place in 30 days.

With Candor, we shave up to 14 days from our cycle time. At 1bps a day, that's significant added profit.

- Travis Rulle, COO, FBC Mortgage


Autonomous Intelligence reduces the cost of quality

Until Candor, a high quality underwrite required multiple expert underwriter touches.

Unfortunately, that process limits scale, is slow, expensive, and the output varies by level of expertise.

Well beyond income calculations, or stare and compare tools, our Machine as an Underwriter identifies and fixes defects throughout the manufacturing process, for a reliable, consistently high quality output.