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March 2, 2022
Candor awarded Progress in Lending’s Innovations Award
March 14, 2022

When the Shelves Run Bare

Candor CEO Thomas Showalter weighs in on supply chain issues in MReport’s March Cover Story

March 8, 2022
MReport takes a closer look at the ripple effects caused by supply chain issues on the housing market, and when we can target a return to the days of a normal supply of housing inventory.Over the past few years, supplies of items such as computers, video game systems, and other electronic devices have been hampered by a lack of semiconductor chips. Grocery store shelves have seen various items vanish from the shelves and take longer than expected to be re-supplied. In all these cases, supply-chain issues are at issue, either created by or complicated by the lingering effects of two years spent navigating a global health crisis.

The housing industry is no different.What exists as a semiconductor chip in a video game console equates to nails, lumber, drywall, and other materials when it comes to new home construction.

With housing demand continuing to soar and insufficient inventory leading to everything from bidding wars to increased rental activity, MReport takes a look at how the supply chain is impacting housing, and whether any relief is on the horizon

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