Tom Showalter sits down with Michael Hammond for episode #84 of Fintech Hunting
May 26, 2021
Robbie Chrisman and Tom Showalter discuss innovation in the mortgage industry
June 22, 2021

Three surefire ways to avoid tech buyer’s remorse

June 3, 2021

Jina Choi, Chief Product Officer, Candor

So much has changed in the way we do business, not the least of which is how many components have been added to the lender’s technology stack. The need to increase staff to accommodate 2020’s tsunami volume has many mortgage lenders rethinking their tech stack. More specifically, how technology could leave them less exposed to excessive underwriting costs and make them “market ready” for any volume.

Transitioning to new technology isn’t always seamless. The number one complaint we hear is that some tech solutions mortgage lenders bought didn’t provide the lift they’d envisioned, leaving them to scramble to hire staff to manage last year’s volume.

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