The only mortgage loan quality index

The Candor MetaScore™

The Candor MetaScore™ provides a standardized loan quality and integrity diagnostic that fills a gaping void in the mortgage market, from Origination to the Capital Markets.

The MetaScore provides proof that The Loan Engineering System’s defect identification and resolution actions and lending decisions have been exhaustively tested, are sound and reliable, and are free of subjectivity, and bias.

With the Loan Engineering System Lenders have speed, improved profitability, and defect free credit risk assessment.

To produce a MetaScore, all loan data is first run through a dynamic pivot point architecture to accurately assess investor guideline eligibility, then through a corroboration engine that conducts extensive data crosschecks to identify and mitigate defects.

A MetaScore of 85 or higher triggers eligibility for a defect insurance policy from a major international insurer.

All data and steps taken during the autonomous manufacturing process are saved to a Blockchain-type database which gives investors never-before access to 100% of the metadata used to make lending decisions.

This leads to a confident expectation on loan performance and pricing that maps to that expectation.

Candor's MetaScore can provide confidence in strength of the overall underwrite.