A  Loan Engineering System™ that does
the heavy lifting for mortgage lenders.
Candor replicates the critical thinking required during
underwriting to make high integrity lending decisions.
They've captured lightning in a bottle.

COO - Top Five Lender

Instantly double production capacity.
Cut loan manufacturing costs in half.
Maximize decision confidence & integrity.

Candor: the highest ROI FinTech in mortgage technology.

With one click, our Loan Engineering System conducts a full underwrite, and provide a high integrity lending decision complete with dynamic conditions.


Candor CEO Tom Showalter speaks at an Executive Round Table at MBA 2019

Candored loans are backed by a defect policy.
​ This eliminates repurchase risk. 100%


Fast: Robotics AI

Once all documents are read, and all data are input, click a button and 7 seconds later you have a fully underwritten loan of the highest quality.

As a true AI offering, LES automates repetitive tasks using AI Robotics (RPAs). That time savings reduces cost, and compresses timelines. But, there's more to LES than speed.


Smart: NASA technology

LES applies NASA aerospace technology to confirm the validity and accuracy of the data, even in complex situations such as self-employed, or multiple income sources. For example, to validate and verify data integrity on income and assets, LES uses direct source data to conduct a statistical analysis by triangulating data through double-triple redundant systems.


Consistent: Reliable process

Our proprietary Integrity AI underwrites following the exact process on every single loan every time. This means you can be confident on the output every time.

LES is never sick, doesn't make errors by multitasking, is never ill, and can work 24/7.


Client time study:

A client tracked process time reductions to the minute. Here's what they found:

Set up

Finally, FinTech that solves the big problems.

This was worth the wait.


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